Articles By Author - Peter von Bleichert, Geoffrey Smith, and A.K. Thanos

Under the City: Lada’s Temple

Under the City presents opportunities to add new layers to your urban adventuring… Lada’s Temple stands prominent among the city’s buildings, made all the more visible by a gilded marble statue perched atop its vaulted roof. The statue is of Lada, the goddess of love, beauty, and fertility. A sheaf of wheat is braided into her long hair, twisting as it flows down her body, modestly concealing her form, though parting to reveal her...

Under the City: The Laboratorium

There’s a city not far from here, much like any other. On its surface, it’s full of life in the usual well-kept, mostly ordered snapshot of urban living you’re familiar with. But below its streets, there lies abominations, filth, and history. Complete with alchemical vaults, dungeon cells, moonshine pubs, secret libraries, and unnervingly sterile laboratories, the spaces below intersect the sewers and various natural...

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