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Player Options

One of the best parts of forming a party and setting out for adventure is all the cool stuff you find and interesting people you meet along the way! For players and GMs are dying to break outside of the box and incorporate exciting new spells, mysterious magical objects and a plethora of subclasses to their games, Kobold Press has a treasury of player and Game Master options to meet every need.

Check out some of our incredible new options for players and GMs below!

Tome of Heroes

Did someone say ‘player options? Tome of Heroes brings over 70 new subclasses, 20 new races and subraces and a whole lot more to your 5E game! Master the arts of Black Powder Sorcery or unleash the hive with the Druidic Circle of Bees. Discover new downtime activities, over 50 new spells and a plethora of new equipment for the discerning adventurer. You wanted options? We’ve got options.

Available in digital, hardcover, pocket edition, and on major VTT platforms.

Vault of Magic

Tired of picking up yet ANOTHER +1 long sword? Are you drowning in magic staves that all send out the same magic bolt? The solution to your arcane artifacts need is here: The Vault of Magic is OPEN! Peruse over 900 exotic and powerful arcane artifacts, from mobile magic doors to enchanted bagpipes to dragon bone soups! Find the next treasure coveted by your players or claim a fabled item that grows in power with your character within the Vault of Magic!

Available in digital, hardcover and on major VTT platforms.

Deep Magic 1 + 2

So you’ve been to wizard school, and think you’ve seen it all? Think again! Deep Magic Volumes 1 & 2 bring over 800 new spells and abilities to customize your spellcaster your way. Find spells to entertain, escape dire situations or just plain go BOOM! In addition to powerful new spells, unearth new arcane secrets with the Witch and Theurge subclasses!

Available in digital, hardcover, pocket edition and on major VTT platforms

Player Options

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