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Discover the World of the Ratatosk!

The ratatosk are celestial humanoid squirrels who dwell in the World Tree. These insatiable gossips and tricksters delight in gathering secrets and putting such knowledge to mischievous purpose. Will these wily beings serve as allies—or prove a whole lot of trouble?

Ratatosk provides everything you need to introduce the squirrel-folk into your games, including:

  • Details on ratatosk culture, settlements, religion, and naming conventions
  • Playable ratatosk race options for PCs
  • 9 new items and 6 new magic spells created by the squirrel-folk
  • 3 ratatosk organizations and 12 NPCs ready to star in your adventures
  • 4 squirrel-folk variants with full stat blocks
  • Plus adventure hooks, quest paths, World Tree encounter tables, and more!

Bring the celestial squirrel-folk to life with Ratatosk!

This title is also available for Print on Demand here!

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