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Shoulders of Giants (PDF)


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You’re Going to Need a Bigger Table.

“The party is shaken to the ground by thunderous footsteps drawing closer. A boulder the size of an oxcart crashes through the trees overhead, narrowly missing you and landing with a tremendous ‘THUD’. Roll initiative!”

Giants of both the friend and foe variety can be found across the world of fantasy. In this 13-page title from Kobold Press, we’ll provide tips for GMs to incorporate these titanic enemies and colossal allies in their campaigns, as well as introducing new player options for giant characters!

For GMs this title includes;

  • New abilities and unique features for 4 giant varieties!
  • Tables for creating an instant Giant Stronghold! Populate a giant lair filled with unique treasures and terrifying enemies.
  • Rules to gigantify familiars and other everyday pets!

For players;

  • The Cyclops-kin, a playable lineage of giants. Gentle with animals and fearsome to their foes, they have the power to unleash primordial energies from their single eye.
  • The Circle of Behemoths, a druid subclass focusing on nature’s largest and loudest critters.
  • Plus, new feats and weapon options for taking down gigantic foes!

Add some big (really, really big) energy to your campaign with Shoulders of Giants!





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