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Warlock Lair 66: The Waking Tomb (PDF)


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D&D 5e


Doom to All Who Enter!

An ancient desert tomb has been rediscovered. First by the Doomspeakers, over a month ago, seeking a base from which to further their blasphemous agenda. More recently, the tomb has been found by Golden Falcon Antiquities, who wished to loot its valuables.

Unfortunately for the Doomspeakers, they were far too successful. They entered the tomb, cleared some of its many traps, plundered its chambers to fund their operations, and captured the Golden Falcon expedition. But in the process of converting it into a new base of operations, they broke the seal on its innermost chambers and fell victim to its horrible secret…

Now, adventurers approach in order to rescue the Golden Falcon explorers, but they believe they are facing merely a trapped tomb and are unaware of the greater threat within.


This adventure for the 5th Edition of the world’s first RPG is meant for four 6th-level characters. It includes full details for an ancient tropical tomb plus two new monsters, the shrike larva and shrike screamer. Designed by Basheer Ghouse, it features cartography by Dyson Logos and art by Phil Stone.

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