In the 5E tradition, Dungeons & Ruins offers deadly risks and great rewards. All it takes is a torch, a sharp sword, and great courage…

Tales of the Valiant
Game Master's Guide

Go beyond the basics! Use new Game Master tools to customize your TOV campaign for advanced combat, social, and exploration encounters.

Tales of the Valiant

The new Tales of the Valiant RPG keeps the 5th Edition community independent and tabletop moving forward—use it to tell your own tales of 5E high adventure! 

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The Right Tools for the Job

No matter where you’re at in the life cycle of being a game master, at some point in your planning and creative process, you’re going to need help—especially if you want to raise the stakes for your players and keep things interesting.

Good Riddance! Part 3: One of a kind antagonists—make the unicorn the bad guy

Unicorns are one of the most recognizable creatures in fantasy, but because they’re good-aligned, PCs almost never fight them. Unicorns have been depicted as healers, nature guardians, or free spirits of the wild that follow their own call. In almost all stories, unicorns are extremely rare and avoid civilization. So how do you make them the enemy?

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