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The Brotherhood of The Brawl

Adriaen van Ostade - Feasting Peasants in a Tavern

The Headhunters are a renowned band of adventurers, known throughout the nation for their bravery, daring, and at times suicidal pursuit of getting the job done. Gordran Halfhand, the hulking bruiser, has never lost a duel. Semran Nightshade was one of the most infamous graduates of her arcane academy. Edelweiss Lightfingers has beaten a dozen... Continue reading »

Your Whispering Homunculus—10 Curious and Mercifully Unique Maladies

Your Whispering Homunculus

Master Pett’s Your Whispering Homunculus presents only the finest in British gaming. Indeed, you are not likely to find a more comprehensive assortment of miscellany anywhere. (So much more than just another bloke in a dress.) ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ “Master!” “Again, tape-wormlet, can’t you see I’m busy with this flan? What now?” “Apologies,... Continue reading »

Walk the Path of the Trickster


Most tricksters are two steps ahead of the competition. A few know how to win before the race even begins! The trickster is a new Pathfinder Roleplaying Game compatible class which combines arcane magic with roguish skills. Use your special Forte ability to perform incredible acrobatics, summon a magical familiar to act as an accomplice,... Continue reading »

Kobold Press Wants You to GM at Gen Con!


Time to prepare for Gen Con! Are you ready to run Pathfinder or fifth edition D&D at the best four days of gaming? Kobold Press is looking for GMs and we want you! Run 12 hours of games (that’s 1 four-hour game for three of the days) and get your $90 badge reimbursed, plus a... Continue reading »

Prepared!: Shell Song

Nautilus by Chris 73

We brought the boats in and began unloading as the captain asked. Old man Jul went up the beach a ways to find a place to set the tents. We all laughed at first when he slipped on the rocks and fell flat on his arse, cursing and waving his arms. Now, Holm swears that... Continue reading »

Madman at the Collegium


This past fall, I pulled off the greatest and sweetest Diplomacy check of my life: I convinced the Department of English at Winthrop University, where I am an instructor, that a course on writing narrative for tabletop roleplaying games would make a great addition to the department’s writing courses. It so happens that my acting... Continue reading »

Prepared!: The Oath

Edmund Dulac - The Little Robber Girl

To earn a coin is noble work, to steal one a good trick, But the secrets of those who make the coin Are worth more than a gold brick. —Ravenfolk saying The Oath is a short fifth edition scenario that challenges four 2nd- to 3rd-level characters. Background The PCs are passed by a strange caravan... Continue reading »

More Locales of the Southlands

Mbazha Mts Peaks

Cartography by Anna Meyer The Mbazha Mountains serve as the spine between the arid Crescent Desert and the plains of Narumbeki, and this range holds untapped wealth and wondrous secrets. Rumors speak of the fell magics of the Skin Stealer gnolls (Southlands, p. 93) or the glittering riches of the Diamond Caverns (Southlands, p. 152).... Continue reading »

New for PFRPG: Advanced Races Compendium & Codex

Advanced Races Compendium Cover

2016: the year of monsters begins! Two great new books for Pathfinder Roleplaying Game players and GMs have arrived at the Kobold Store—and if you’re a fan of monsters, you’ll want to check these out. The Advanced Races Compendium gives you everything you need to play a monstrous adventurer in Pathfinder. Its pages are packed... Continue reading »

February 2016 Kobold Press Calendar Wallpapers

4:3 1280 x 960  February 2016

As we did in January, we have a treat in store for you! Our 2016 Kobold Press Calendar is available for sale right now, and we want to show it off a bit by providing you with free wallpapers for your desktop, tablet, and mobile phone. The art you see comes from February. Take a... Continue reading »

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Howling Tower

A veteran of TSR and Wizards of the Coast, Steve Winter writes the Howling Tower blog and shares his thoughts on the Kobold Press blog. Always well-reasoned and thought-provoking, his work in RPGs incites discussion rather than just more edition-war rage. The kobolds bow to him with deepest respect!

See all Howling Tower articles »

Your Whispering Homunculus

A veteran of TSR and Wizards of the Coast, Richard Pett writes adventure paths for Paizo, smaller adventures for Open Design, and delivers delightful and offbeat tales and game tables in the Whispering Homunculus series. These have proven so popular, they have been collected in the Your Whispering Homunculus book and PDF. Bizarre and whimsical and veddy veddy British, it’s gaming with dark humor and sly amusement. Check out the slithering vileness of the homunculus!

See all Whispering Homunculus articles », or pick up the book today!

Real Steel

As a practicing bladesmith, Todd Gdula knows what’s he’s talking about, and he will smack down nonsense like a bar of pigiron smacks down a fencepost. Only, you know, with more deadly force. His practical knowledge and gaming background combine to provide a unique perspective on the making and use of human-powered melee weapons.

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About Kobold Press

Welcome to the small tunnels and the dangerous life of the kobold! We’re always tinkering here, and there’s quite a few projects underway every week. Here’s the two most important at the moment. Check back often, because we’ll be announcing some more in the coming weeks.

Kobold Quarterly: After an amazing five-year run culminating with Kobold Quarterly 23, Kobold Press ended the magazine on a high note. (You can read the announcement on the blog.) The kobolds are now focused on designing and publishing high-quality RPG adventures, sourcebooks, campaign materials and other types of roleplaying game supplements in print and electronic formats.

Open Design: One or two projects each year are written as Open Design commissions, funded by gamers who gain input into the final adventure or sourcebook, and who learn about the steps involved in moving from idea to final publication.

Do you want to write for Kobold Press? We accept submissions for new articles. The best place to start is by checking out our Submission guidelines.

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