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Here Be Monsters!

Tired of fighting giant rats? Has your party slain its last goblin chieftain? Seeking that perfect villain for the third act of your epic 1-20 campaign? Kobold Press has got you covered with a legion of formidable foes from nearly 20 years in the business of monster-making. Whether you’re seeking some new curveball to throw your players, or seeking an exciting new spin on old favourites, there’s nothing we can’t throw at your players that won’t thrill or terrify!

Check out some of the great monsters (and monster books!) of Kobold Press below!

Creature Codex

A veritable army of dungeon horrors, cosmic wonders and savage foes burst from the pages of Creature Codex! Featuring nearly 400 potential enemies and allies, the 2019 ENnie-award winning Creature Codex is one tool that every GM will want for their 5E toolbox!

Available in hardcover, pocket edition, and PDF

Tome of Beasts 3

Looking for foes to surprise and challenge your players? Tome of Beasts III is here to help! Within 400-plus pages, GMs can find exotic wildlife, terrifying void creatures, and nigh-invincible planar entities! If you’re seeking the next round of grunts to fall before your heroes, or a truly intimidating final boss for your campaign, Tome of Beasts III has you covered!

Available in hardcover, pocket edition, and PDF

Tome of Beasts 1 (2023)

An iconic title from the scribes at Kobold Press, updated for 2023! Featuring new art, statblocks and even introducing brand-new creatures for your 5E game, Tome of Beasts 1 reflects everything we’ve learned in 10 years of making monsters.

Available in hardcover, pocket edition, and PDF

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