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Tome Unleashed (PDF)


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Think Outside the Statblocks!

Every monster is an opportunity to challenge your players and make for a memorable combat experience! Going beyond basic statblocks and unleashing a monster’s potential is a great way for Game Masters to throw a wrench into a party’s well-practiced battle strategy.

Enter Tome Unleashed! Within these 18 pages, you’ll find a hoard of knowledge for punching up your 5E foes including:

  • A complete guide to expanding monster statblocks, adding new abilities and strengths without unbalancing your CR!
  • Unique magic items and adventure hooks inspired by supercharged new creatures!
  • Alternate versions of classic Kobold Press monsters, including the Alseid, Hoard Golem, and the Oozasis!

There’s a monster for every occasion. With Tome Unleashed, bring new spins on some old favorites and throw your table a curveball!





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