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Humanity’s Last Hope Corrupted!

The Tomb of Mercy was built centuries ago to house arks that would preserve the souls of humanity from an infernal invasion. Now you must travel to the Wasted West, unseal the Tomb, and send the last ark safely on its journey. Fail, and humanity faces extinction!

In Tomb of Mercy, players compete with the GM in a race against time to see if humanity can be saved, or if the fiendish servants of the Hells corrupt the world. This adventure for 8th-level heroes includes:

  • Special time-keeping and resurrection mechanics to keep the pace exciting and the plot moving
  • Three printable sets of cards for use during play: six Gates, six Monuments, and six Wardens
  • Six new monsters and 9 new magic items, created specifically for this adventure
  • Six pre-generated level 8 characters

Prepare to delve into the Tomb of Mercy, where the Horned Daughter of Famine and her minions await!

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Bundle (Print and PDF), Print, PDF

Game System

D&D 5e

5E Tier

Level 5-10


Game Masters

Midgard Region

The Wasted West



2 reviews for Tomb of Mercy for 5th Edition

  1. Robert

    So great to see such a tightly designed dungeon for 5E. I love the sacred auguries; a unique mechanic that really frames the whole dungeon as a puzzle in a really fun way. Great work as always from the incomparable Sersa Victory!

  2. John Elmore Jr

    This is a fun, well-themed dungeon for a 3-4 hour game. If you want like solving puzzles and ultra-challenging fights, and a fully-realized theme all the way though, pick this up!

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