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You Find Yourself in a Haunted House for 5th Edition (PDF)


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D&D 5e


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Adventure, Monsters, Spells and Items

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Conjure Chills and Thrills!

Create bone-chilling locales to delight your players with You Find Yourself in a Haunted House! This 16-page supplement covers frightful tropes, moody mechanics, and monstrous stat blocks to help create compelling haunted locations.

You Find Yourself in a Haunted House provides tools to enhance spooky atmospheres, including:

  • 6 haunted rooms ideal for any location and multiple descriptions to establish mood
  • Guidance to create creepy magic items paired with examples like the haunted portrait
  • Spell modifications and terrifying traps to keep your players on their toes
  • 2 NPC stat blocks and expanded monster abilities to create unique spectral encounters

Put the super in supernatural with You Find Yourself in a Haunted House!

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