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You Find Yourself in a Forgotten Temple (PDF)


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D&D 5e


Victoria Jaczko



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Buried Secrets. Forgotten Treasure. Plenty of Curses.

Few sites conjure up the spirit of adventure and unease like a long forgotten temple. If your players need to unleash their inner Indiana Jones and start unearthing eldritch gods, ancient curses, and fabulous treasures, You Find Yourself in a Forgotten Temple is here to help.

You Find Yourself in a Forgotten Temple is a 13-page PDF supplement to help GMs create lost tombs and sunken temples, plus everything they need to fill them with curses, traps, and more!

  • Tailor your temple to your campaign with a guide to themes and storytelling tips and tricks to running a temple adventure and incorporating it into your world.
  • What’s a temple without dark secrets and sinister curses? We’ve come up with a few for your to introduce to your game.
  • TREASURE! Include our ancient artifacts and arcane devices at the heart of your temple or design your own!

Treasure hunters, tomb raiders, and two-fisted clerics assemble! Your temple adventure awaits!

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