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Warlock Undead!

Thanks to the Warlock Patreon supporters, the new Midgard 5th Edition Warlock booklet is here.

The topic is the Undead, with options including undead magic, a rogue subclass, the Ghoul Imperium Deserter background, some truly skin-crawling planar locales, a legendary villain, and a new PC race. This booklet’s esteemed sections and designers are:

  • Dry Lands: Plane of Undeath, by Wolfgang Baur
  • Order of the Ebon Star, by Kelly Pawlik
  • The Wendestal Devil, by Chris Harris
  • The Shade: Voices Beyond Death, by Dan Dillon

Support Warlock as we expand the dark fantasy options for 5E!



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1 review for Warlock Patreon: Undead (PDF)

  1. gatesvp

    A solid affair through and through, even the shady parts.

    This zine is 4 articles:
    – Plane of Mot is a basically a set of encounter seeds in a plane of undead. It also includes some essential undead healing & resurrection that round out a place where the undead are much closer to “living”..
    – The Ebon Star section is a solid mix of material. A monster template, a background, a rogue archetype, a magic item, a splash of history and great piece of art.
    – The Wendestal Devil provides a multi-page background on a significant NPC in that region. We get a monster pic, full stat blocks and even a custom regional weapon.
    – The last bit builds out the Shade as both a PC race and a monster template. Plus a magic item and a useful NPC. This is a great bridge for “living undead” characters outside of the Darakhul (who are mostly evil).

    Besides great editing, this issue features lots of great art and a some fun layout with spiders lurking everywhere. This is a solid issue, I expect parts of it to be re-printed in the upcoming Ghouls book, but it’s still well worth the ticket price.

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