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Wonders & Perils in the Crossroads City!

The Free City of Zobeck stands proud at the crossroads of Midgard—a booming trade city town where adventurers, merchants, and scoundrels from all walks of life and all nations intermingle. Here, wondrous inventions are dreamt and great tales of glory begin.

The Zobeck Gazetteer is your guide to 5th Edition adventure in this merchant city forged in the fires of revolt. Use it with the Midgard Worldbook, or bring Zobeck into your homebrew campaign setting.

Within its pages you’ll find:

  • Zobeck’s districts and locations, including the famed Arcane Collegium and the notorious Kobold Ghetto!
  • Guilds, gangs, and gods, along with NPCs to challenge or aid your players!
  • A new clockwork wizard school, and new magic items including the bag of traps, chronomancer’s pocket clock, and Red Lady’s scalpel!
  • New player character backgrounds, mounts, and racial feats for humans and gearforged!

…And much more. Whether you’re riding into the Free City via its Great Northern Road or creeping in through a smuggler’s tunnel, Zobeck awaits you!

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2 reviews for Zobeck Gazetteer for 5th Edition

  1. Ethan Johnson

    I preordered got my physical copy and looks amazing. Still yet to see the PDF in my Downloads however so can’t form an opinion yet

  2. Head Kobold

    Hi Ethan, the PDFs were distributed via download codes last week. If you haven’t gotten that code, let us know and we’ll get you a new one.

  3. andreas steen

    I am about to buy it and wish we European people could figure out a deal with book and PDF deal.
    Anyway time to get this book and more beer ?
    Critical role Zobeck PDF and sunset
    this will be a great morning!
    5 Stars sneaky Kobolds

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