Warlock Lair 65: Terror in Altbach (PDF)


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A Tortured Howl from the Northlands…

A dark time has fallen upon the small town of Altbach, not far from Zobeck and Hammerfell: Its children are vanishing slowly, one day from the fields, the next from the mills. Dwarven families have been attacked—the parents killed and the children nowhere to be found.

The disappearances and killings have brought the once-spirited town to a hush. Rumors of dark elves, goblin raiders, and ghouls echo in the local tavern. Many dwarves have left Altbach, and many others stay behind the safety of their locked doors along with their children. As a result, the forges have grown cold, and the gold leaf production has slowed to a crawl.

The mayor, Calmuresh Coppersmith, knows the town cannot recover until whatever is behind the terror is dealt with—the dwarven presence in Altbach, while small, is crucial. The mayor hires the adventurers to get to the bottom of the events, stop whatever or whoever is behind them, and find the missing children.


This adventure for the 5th Edition of the world’s first RPG is meant for four 5th-level characters. It includes full details for the town of Altbach as well as adventures in the surrounding hills and its ancient temple, plus a new magical item, the Warriors Eye Helm. Designed by Nick Muzekari, it features cartography by Dyson Logos and art by Dean Spencer and Phil Stone.



Game System

D&D 5e


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