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Warlock Lair 18: Storming the Queen’s Desire


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The ship christened The Queen’s Desire is the notorious trickster Marie de Lech’s most recent acquisition, won as a gambling prize like many of her expensive possessions. Baron Tarvel Ilvayne found it galling enough to lose his ship to a woman, but her beating him wagering on a horse race further infuriated him. The losing horse’s breeder had assured the baron of the race’s outcome. The baron is convinced that de Lech cheated, somehow, but without any proof, his attempts to reclaim The Queen’s Desire have met with frustration.

Since the Baron has no direct influence in Messori Harbor, where the ship is docked, he employs alternative means to recover his ship and its cargo. Enter our heroes…

This short, exploration-and-stealth-heavy adventure requires smarts and steel in equal measure, and it is designed for four 4th-level characters. This 5th Edition adventure is designed by Mike Welham, and it features cartography by Dyson Logos and art by Karl Waller.

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