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Warlock Lair 16: Lamassu’s Secrets


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When the forces of the Mharoti Empire swept into Ishadia centuries ago, they smashed the Great Dam at Khazephon, unleashing a deluge onto the city and the armies of the Phoenix Throne. In the years since, Ishadia has rebuilt and stands firm against draconic expansion. But in the souks and coffee houses talk often turns to prophecies of a returning king.

The breached Great Dam still towers above the crowded streets of Khazephon. The abandoned palaces and gardens of the city’s former elite sit atop the dam, watched over by a pride of lamassu who protect these residences from treasure-seekers. And somewhere in them lies the key that might restore Ishadia’s hopes.

This short, exploration-driven adventure reveals the secrets of a ruined palace, and is designed for four 7th level characters. This 5th Edition adventure is written by Richard Green, and it features cartography by Dyson Logos and art by Karl Waller.

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D&D 5e


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