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Warlock Guide to the Shadow Realms (PDF)


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Warlock Enters the Land of Shadows!

Thanks to the Warlock Patreon supporters, the new Midgard 5th Edition Warlock special edition is here—with design by Kelly Pawlik, cover art by Justine Jones, and cartography by Alex Moore.

The topic is the plane of shadows beyond the mortal world. Our tour stops include the shadow fey City of Lanterns, new spells and items, locations and characters, customs of the realm and more !

Weighing in at 36 pages, this special guide’s topics are:

  • 7 Secrets of the Shadow Realm
  • Locations of the Shadow Realm including The Ring and Ringmaster, as well as the Tenebrous Plain and Shadow Realm encounter tables
  • Corremel, City of Lanterns, including its prominent citizens and sites such as the Horn Gate Inn, the Pluming Lantern Pleasure Salon, the Sheltered Market, Prince Hander Svenk’s palace, and many more—plus a two-page city map
  • Etiquette in the Shadow Realm, including a table for Status adjustments
  • New Spells, including child of light and darkness, obfuscate object, and pratfall
  • Magic Items including wine of the winter court, wine of the summer court, and gloves of unerring shade
  • 2 New Creatures of Shadow, the shadowspider swarm and orphans of the black

Support Warlock as we expand the dark fantasy options for 5E!

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