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Tome of Beasts 3: Lairs Map Pack (28 JPGs for VTT)


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Player-Friendly Maps for Your Favorite Virtual Tabletop!

The Tome of Beasts 3: Lairs brings you 28 great player-friendly, high-resolution maps for the Tome of Beasts 3: Lairs adventures!

These high‑resolution battle maps come with a grid and a gridless version, so you can use them with a projector or with a virtual tabletop. The Map Pack includes maps for all Tome of Beasts 3: Lairs adventures:

  • Proudheart’s Predator Problem
  • Flight of the Dromedaries
  • Furor in the Farmyard
  • Salvage at Lonely Cove
  • Automated Banditry
  • Evil Rises
  • Four-Part Harmony
  • Harvest Fangs
  • The Pavilion of Whispers and Wonderment
  • Rainforest Reckoning
  • Safe and Sound
  • Lord Gorgo’s Keep
  • Redoubt of the Perfidious Guru
  • Incident at Wrackwater
  • The Lost Forge
  • The Monstrous Machinations of Margrave Millard
  • The Green Sanctum
  • The Salons of Mother Celeste
  • Chaos at the Caldera
  • The Eclipsed Chapel
  • The Twisted Sanctuary
  • A Midnight Ride
  • Down in the Dark of the Deep King’s Domain

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