Tome of Beasts 3 Lairs for 5th Edition



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Epic Adventures Featuring Tome of Beasts 3!

  • An abandoned bardic college plagued by alluring ghostly music.
  • A remote woodland guarded by overgrown carnivorous denizens.
  • An ancient volcano awakened by an extraplanar portal at its heart.

Inside these 160 pages, you’ll find these 3 adventures and 20 more! Created for the 5th Edition of the world’s first roleplaying game, these 23 standalone, single-map adventures each feature new monsters from Kobold Press’s Tome of Beasts 3.

Weave these adventures into your ongoing campaign, or use them as thrilling one-shot sessions. With adventures suitable for heroes of level 1–12, you will find enough dangers—and delights—for every game night!


Bundle (Print and PDF), Hardcover, PDF

Game System

D&D 5e


Game Masters

Page Count


5E Tier

Level 1-4, Level 5-10, Level 11-16


Adventure, Monsters


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