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Inbar’s Guide to the Northlands (PDF)


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D&D 5e


Kelly Pawlik



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Inbar’s Guide to the Northlands takes you on a full tour of the Northlands, from the safety of Stannasgard to the wilds of Bjornrike and everywhere in between, in the peerless company of your guide, the charming and slightly goblin-obsessed Inbar Alikhani.

At a full 18 pages, the Guide to the Northlands brings you a direct view of the people, lands, and monsters of the region, together with stats for Inbar herself at CR 1/2, 2, 3, and 5, for use as a companion NPC in your campaigns in the region.


To get more out of your trip to the Northlands experience, check out the Midgard Worldbook for 5th Edition!

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  1. Wil Church

    If there was a half star rating, this product would have gotten 4.5. It’s well written, and at 3 bucks, worth the purchase and read. While it was not purported to be anything resembling mechanics or stats besides those of the eponymous Inbar, I will restate that for those who are looking for such crunch to find a different product. This product is pure flavor, from the perspective of an outlander in the North, giving us a little ‘slice of life’ in her letters to back home, interspersed with more generic commentary on the matter. And in that, it is excellently done.

    How could this product have gotten the last half star from me? One, it didn’t really cover much new territory that hasn’t been gone over in the Worldbook or Northlands products prior. So a little more depth, slightly denser information, new revelations of the Northlands that we haven’t seen before, would have been a win. Two, no picture of Inbar. Boo. Absolutely excellent art across the board, though I am not entirely sure it was original to the guide; it feels familiar. But a pic of Inbar would have really capped it for me. Either one of those two things would have pushed this to a 5 star rating from me, given the incredibly low price.

    And as an ending note that had nothing to do with the product’s rating, I would have made it so that Inbar’s skittish reaction ability allows her to move *without provoking opportunity attacks*. And while I won’t be attacking her in my game, her CR 5 form is probably worth a bit more than 100 xp? I really did like her NPC forms, she really has a lot of good abilities designed to keep her out of harm’s way without being overpowered. Great work.

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