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Hidden Tomb of Nargoth (PDF)


Product Stats

Game System

Tales of the Valiant, D&D 5e

Adventure Level

Level 4 to 5


Richard Green



Page Count




Additional Bonuses

+1 to GM coolness, +3 to player terror


An Unnerving Adventure into the Heart of an Apocalyptic Cult!

The seeds of an unearthly chaos have been sown throughout the Wyvernmere Valley. A sinister void cult works within the shadows to stoke havoc and discord. Their goal: Uncovering the lost wisdom of the ancient and powerful wizard Nargoth in an attempt to bring about the end of days.

Hidden Tomb of Nargoth is a thrilling new adventure for the Tales of the Valiant™ roleplaying game.

  • An exciting, three-part adventure designed for four to five 4th-level characters!
  • Uses a simplified adventure structure to reduce prep time and make storytelling easier, plus plenty of tables to introduce unexpected surprises.
  • Utilizes the rules for the Tales of the Valiant Alpha Release.

At the center of a forgotten tomb, evils from the Void are stirring. Can your party stop them?

Be Bold. Be Brave. Be Valiant.

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