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From the Deck of a Sandship (PDF)


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Swashbuckle Across the Sands!


Mhalmet—the so-called City of Freedom—is a haven for the buccaneers, pirates, and thieves that plague the Southlands. With the aid of sandships, such brigands get rich by raiding merchant caravans carrying vital supplies—unless a band of adventurers stops them first.

From the Deck of a Sandship is an 18 page compilation that includes:

  • New adventure locations in the Mhalmet Expanse region of the Southlands
  • Breakdown of desert raiders and their tactics
  • A sample sandship with illustrated maps, stats, and NPC crew members
  • Plus sand-pirate encounters, villainous plots, region challenges, and more!

Prepare for adventure upon the sands with From the Deck of a Sandship!

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