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Rogue’s Gallery: Midgard Character Collection for 5th Edition (PDF)


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A Dirty Dozen Gallery of 5E Rogues and Heroes!


A dozen foes, quest-givers, mentors, or rivals to make your Midgard 5th Edition campaign come to life! Each non-player character (NPC) comes with a range of power levels, from a humble aspirant to a mid-level mentor or quest-giver, and each comes with a complete set of NPC stats, flaws, and goals. If you need a bar patron, a traveler on the road, any side quest NPC—these revel in personality and fully detailed powers—ready for immediate play!


The Rogue’s Gallery: Midgard Character Collection includes one NPC from each 5E base class:


  1. Bellisaromor, a deerlike alseid aspirant and druid with plans and forest lore
  2. Brahm the Venturer, a farseeing minotaur sailor and captain
  3. Galdvyr Steadystone, Northlands ranger and vampire hunter
  4. Hjalmar Dåkassen, the dwarf wizard and ring mage who loves to pillage
  5. Inbar Alikhani, Itinerant Rogue from the Southlands who wanders far
  6. Maebe Dworhel, a ghoulish darakhul monk who controls her dark hungers
  7. Namazzi Akullo, a human fighter and caravan guard from the city of sorcerers
  8. Sigrit Brül, an Amazon and devout daughter of Perunalia
  9. Tam Waltzing, a courtfolk halfling from the Shadow Realm
  10. Wraithstrider, a ravenfolk warlock with money problems
  11. Victrolis Hapenny, an elfmarked bard from the Arbonesse who seeks a lost tower
  12. Zarkut Baros, cleric of Baal and servant of the Dragon Empire

Have your players meet someone new and intriguing—or have them lose out on a quest to a bitter new rival! Get Rogue’s Gallery: Midgard Character Collection today, and brighten up your next game with memorable encounters!

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