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Art of Skimishing for 5th Edition (PDF)



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Fine Tune Your 5E Encounters!

The Art of Skirmishing gives you the tools to design effective skirmishes that are fun and challenging, as well as ideas for how best to modify existing encounters. It provides you with methods and parameters to adjust the difficulty of encounters and tailor them to the strengths and weaknesses of both the PCs and their foes. It includes detailed discussion of:

  1. Creating clear encounter goals and objectives
  2. Provision for multiple encounter styles (combat, skills-based, and roleplaying encounters)
  3. Stakes and outcomes, including expected encounter length
  4. How to include a terminus or secondary encounter goal
  5. Designing rules and terrain to support primary and terminus encounter goals
  6. Creature design in the four main skirmish roles
  7. And of course, the details of XP and encounter difficulty!

With plenty of examples and a straightforward style, Art of Skirmishing will improve every encounter you create!

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