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Demon Cults & Secret Societies: Harbingers of the Yawning Void for 5th Edition (PDF)


Mysteries of the Emerald Tablets

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Behold the Unmaking of All Things!

There are living beings in the world that desire the unmaking of all things. They would see the World Tree fall and burn, all it supports crumble to dust, and that dust blown into nonexistence upon the winds of the Void. These nihilistic creatures seek to be the harbingers of that great unmaking, gnawing at the foundations of the world to bring about its collapse.

They call themselves the Harbingers of the Yawning Void.

Demon Cults & Secret Societies: Harbingers of the Yawning Void for 5th Edition is a 20-page glimpse into this secretive group, and reveals many of the plots, goals, and methods of this void-bound cult. Discover their leaders, their minions, and their magic for 5th Edition, including:

  • 3 annihilation-bound NPCs such as the infiltrator, the Void-Bound Warlock, and the Witness, fully illustrated
  • Six new spells and magic items, including the Litany of Destruction, the ravager’s ax, and the strange potion called the Wisp of the Void
  • A complete set of plots, schemes, and campaign elements from Level 1 to 15
  • Two new void monsters, the umbral shambler and the insatiable brood, fully detailed and illustrated

Challenge your players with a truly horrific cult of nihilists bent on destruction, with unique magic, leaders, and abilties to warp, curse and destroy matter—in the service of a great apocalypse.

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