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The Seven Cities

War is a constant, an unavoidable part of civilization—some say a necessary evil. But the Seven Cities embrace and celebrate war. Castles dot the countryside. Nations and private armies march every spring to seize land, cattle, gold, and entire towns. War is a way of life here, and its advancements and reversals are as much a part of day-to-day business as the price of bread or the chance of rain. Failure to prepare for war results in a swift change of rulers.

Other regions of Midgard consider the Septimes a crazed, bloodthirsty, calculating lot. Many earn their coin as mercenaries when the yearly raids and ambushes turn into larger battles and sieges. A few have even seized a general’s laurels or a lord’s title for their work on the battlefield.

The people of the Seven Cities fight to show their strength, their divine blessings from Mavros, the wisdom of their rulers, and the cleverness of their generals. They fight because conquest and victory are honorable and righteous. Only a fool argues for a peaceful year when glory’s crown awaits across the border!

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