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Eat Their Heart Out Sale

Love is in the air at Kobold Press! If love is the stench of a horde of undead horrors, ferocious monsters, and arcane abominations coming your way.

We’re unleashing a pocket-sized horde of new foes and critters for your 5E game, with discounts on Tome of Beasts 3: Pocket Edition, Tome of Beasts 2: Pocket Edition, Creature Codex Pocket Edition, and Tome of Beasts 1 2023 Hardcover. Purchase any of these titles at 10% off, and for every other title from that list in your cart, add another 10% off your purchase up to a maximum 30% discount!

But wait! The Kobolds have a little more love to share.

We’re offering a HUGE bundle of ghoulish adventures guaranteed to Eat Their Heart Out!

Grab the Eat Their Heart Out Digital Bundle and add Empire of Ghouls, Underworld Lairs, The Underworld Player’s Guide,and two JPG Map Packs for 30% off.

The More, The Merrier

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