Warlock Lair 8: The Lost Temple of Anax Apogeion


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“No one knows what goes through the alien minds of the Great Old Ones. The Cult of Anax Apogeion thought they knew how to find out. Instead, they found starvation and death in a temple lost in the sands of the Western Wastes. With them lies the scroll of Anax Apogeion, supposedly lost for all time. But I know where it is. I will uncover it. I will find the song that sings to the Great Old One.”

Three centuries ago, in the mountains of the Western Wastes, a small cult now long forgotten built a temple to the Great Old One–Anax Apogeion. The leader of this cult possessed a scroll said to allow one to speak to the ancient horror. To protect and study the scroll, the cult secluded themselves in the temple and dragged an enormous idol of Anax Apogeion in front of the temple’s only entrance, sealing themselves in. They soon starved and died, whispering strange prayers to their uncaring patron with their last breaths.

Until recently, the temple lay hidden behind the huge idol whose very appearance filled those who looked upon it with nightmares. An enterprising wizard of the magocracy of Allain, named Nathryn Yelles, found the only piece of evidence describing the lost temple….

A short adventure by Mike Shea for 5th Edition heroes of 3rd level, with a map by Dyson Logos.


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