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Warlock Lair 79: Shadows of Runklestad (PDF)


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Adventure Just Down the River!

In truth, Nakrakk is not much of a kobold. The youngest of his brood and smallest egg (his mother had thought he might be a chicken), he was born last among seven hulking kobold warriors. The puny kobold was bullied all his life.

Nakrakk, however, dreams big. His ambition is to serve the Dragon Empire’s greatest morza. They chuckled when he announced it. They laughed at his arrogant study to be a wizard. They howled when he added “Fellwind, Reaper of Chaos Storms, and Arch-Navigator of the Secret Shadow Roads” to his name.

But Nakrakk was undeterred. The young wizard took to the road, determined to become the right hand of his idol, Ateshah, Lord of Gizmiri Province. He would hunt out ancient magics so powerful that he would rise to serve his inspiration.

It was his destiny.


Take to the shadow roads in this 34-page adventure for 3rd level characters by Richard Pett, and visit the College of Wands, the butcher shops, the canals, bathhouses and other wonders of the human world!

Featuring cartography by Dyson Logos, and art by Pedro Potier and Phil Stone.



Game System

D&D 5e


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