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Warlock Lair 78: Secrets of the Serpentine Codex (PDF)


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D&D 5e


Secrets of the Ancient Southlands!

The PCs travel to the Scroll Market of Lignas Proper in search of the Serpentine Codex, the long-lost journal of Yishjarat who served the titans 3,000 years ago as an arcane engineer. Even as they search the market for the mysterious masked seller, deadly assassins also hunt for the codex. These are members of the Coil of Memory, a sinister organization that hoards arcane knowledge for Lignas’s benefit alone and who will stop at nothing to obtain Yishjarat’s journal.

Designed by Richard Green for 12th level PCs, and fully compatible with the current edition of the world’s first RPG.

Warlock Lair 78: Secrets of the Serpentine Codex is a sequel to Warlock Lair 71: The Slumbering Titan, though it can easily stand on its own.

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