Warlock Lair 71: The Slumbering Titan (PDF)


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Ancient Power Slumbers in the Southlands


You are standing at one end of an ancient roadway of huge paving stones, cracked and worn. Clearly built for giants, the road is 200 feet wide and leads southwest along a river. Tall grasses and brightly colored wildflowers have sprung up between the broken slabs…

The ruins left by the Titans still exist, and the Slumbering Titan provides clues to their power and perhaps a way to restore them. This adventure designed by Richard Green takes 11th-level characters into the Abandoned Lands, and provides outrageous challenges worthy of experienced characters in the Southlands, or in any campaign with wide open grasslands and ancient cyclopean ruins.

This adventure also includes 3 new magic items, the air bubble mask, alarum spike, and vial of alteration.



Game System

D&D 5e


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