Warlock Lair 57: Heart of the Damned (Glowing Ossuary Pt. 2)


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Naz’Vaza, a death knight of unimaginable malignancy and cruel resourcefulness, was first spotted in the Glowing Ossuary. In Heart of the Damned, the adventure continues!

This level of the Glowing Ossuary takes players deeper into the remnants of a once great dwarven hall that Naz’Vaza and his minions have been modifying and using for their own cruel purposes. Though some of it remains largely untouched, other aspects of these levels are at odds with one another as the spirits of the dwarves are still putting up a fight against the dark forces that have moved into dwarven resting places.

This adventure for the 5th Edition of the world’s first RPG is meant for four 5th-level characters. Designed by Jerry LeNeave, it features cartography by Dyson Logos and cover art by Phil Stone.



Game System

D&D 5e


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