Warlock Lair 4: Red Lenny’s Famous Meat Pies (PDF)


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“Four more for you, Lenny,” said the two-faced man, unceremoniously throwing four half-eaten halflings on the butcher’s block. “They were rich, judging by the jewels on the lady and the fat on the man’s bones. Good marbling, too.”
The red-faced halfling’s eye twitched as he scowled. “Kishi, you blockhead. You’ve stripped nearly every scrap of meat off these bones; you expect me to use the giblets? You must learn to control your appetite!”

Red Lenny’s is one of the most popular taverns on the trade roads of Midgard and is built into a hill, like any respectable halfling establishment. It is famous for its rich beer and hearty meat pies and can be set on any major trade route. Savvy players may quickly guess that “Red” Lenny Choppem’s famous meat pies are made from the flesh of his patrons. Less obvious is who is committing the murders.

A short 5th Edition adventure by James J. Haeck for 4 characters of 8th level. Includes a map by Dyson Logos.



Game System

D&D 5e


Game Masters



Adventure Level

Level 7 to 8


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