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Warlock Lair 39: The Dark Aerie


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At its height, the traveling Aerial Circus showcased flying monsters and people enhanced by magic performing death-defying stunts in flight. The performers based themselves in a remote bluff in the Red Wastes, which granted them safety from the gnolls patrolling the desert. After an unfortunate incident involving their owl-headed roc killing an audience member, the performers disbanded and vacated their base.

Shortly thereafter, the shadow fey enchantress Delaria received visions about the compound and an urge to travel there. At first, she thought the compulsion came from the Queen of Night and Magic, but her patron, Alquam, Demon Lord of the Night, soon revealed its identity to her. Intrigued by this new wellspring of power, Delaria believed the demon lord would hasten her rise. And thus a dark chain of events was set in motion…

This adventure for the 5th Edition of the world’s first RPG is meant for four 8th-level characters. Designed by Mike Welham, it features 4 new monsters plus cartography by Dyson Logos and art by William McAusland and Phil Stone.

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D&D 5e


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