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Warlock Guide to the Planes (PDF)


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Warlock Climbs Into the Ferryman’s Boat!

Thanks to the Warlock Patreon supporters, the new Midgard 5th Edition Warlock special edition is
here—with design by Brian Suskind and Wolfgang Baur, cover art by Justine Jones, and diagram of the
multiverse by Phil Stone.

We’re heading beyond the lands you know for this one, beyond the branches of Yggdrasil to the various
planes of the multiverse. Weighing in at 40 pages, this special guide has everything you need to get

  • Secrets of planar travel, including the World Tree, the Ever River, and portals, plus the afterlife and convergence days
  • Details on the planes themselves, the Seven Heavens, the Summer Lands, the Storm Court, the
    Marketplace, the Plane of Gears, Evermaw, and the Yawning Void
  • Important locations for each of the planes, from the Court of Heaven in the Hall of Elysian Dawn (the lowest layer of the Celestial Realms) to Node Primary, homeworld of the ahu-nixta in
  • Adventure seeds and vital personages, just screaming for adventurers
  • A diagram of the multiverse, showing the planes in relation to one another
  • And 14 planar magic items, including the giggling orb, impulse crystal, and Verses of the

Support Warlock as we expand the dark fantasy options for 5E DnD!

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