Tales Beneath the Sands Limited Edition (Hardcover)


LIMITED EDITION: Printed in a limited quantity for the Southlands Kickstarter, this volume is not available elsewhere. When they’re gone, these will not be reprinted.


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Shifting Dunes Reveal Ancient Prophecies!

In the deserts of the Southlands, tombs long-buried and forgotten beneath the sand reappear, foretelling the awakening of an ancient god-king. Now, loyal followers will stop at nothing to ensure their sinister leader’s rebirth. . . .

The 64 deadly pages of Tales Beneath the Sands contains a trio of adventures that explore forgotten, sand-choked ruins and follow the machinations of a cult determined to bring about the return of Tiberesh, a malevolent ruler preserved in legends and spoken of only in whispers.

  • Suitable for characters of levels 2 through 6
  • Easily adapted to fit any fantasy desert campaign
  • Usable separately or as a single story arc
  • Contains the adventures Tomb of Tiberesh, Star Beneath the Sands, and Under the Devil’s Thumb in a single hardcover volume

Grab your waterskin and brave the merciless sun to explore Tales Beneath the Sands!

Fully compatible with the 5th Edition of the world’s first roleplaying game!

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Game System

D&D 5e

1 review for Tales Beneath the Sands Limited Edition (Hardcover)

  1. Armin

    Hi! Is there a PDF version of this available anywhere?

  2. Head Kobold

    No, this is a print-only limited edition.

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