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Scarlet Citadel Map Folio (13 Poster Maps & 20 Overlays)


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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 8.5 × 1 in


Game System

D&D 5e


Dare You Descend into the Sorcerous Gloom?

Once a fortress where wizards honed their eldritch craft, the Scarlet Citadel now holds a sinister reputation—and for good reason. The dungeon’s well-trod stairs have seen few return from their journeys below. Now, malevolent creatures spin shadowy webs, enchant foul magics, and summon forth dark gods. But for those brave enough, ancient treasures and secrets still lie scattered everywhere.

The Scarlet Citadel Map Folio is a collection of all the maps Game Masters need to run the massive Scarlet Citadel dungeon-crawling adventure by Kobold Press.

The folio’s maps include:

  • Thirteen beautiful, full-color battle maps measuring 24 inches by 36 inches when unfolded, each overlaid with a grid of 1-inch squares perfect for tabletop RPG miniatures.
  • Twenty additional 8-inch-by-10-inch overlay maps that can be placed atop the battle maps to depict unique traps, hazards, or other features of the dungeon.
  • Coated surfaces that can handle any dry erase, wet erase, or even permanent marker.

Grab your torches and enter the depths—great riches and great adventure await you!

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  1. Warren Rawlings

    Map Miss-Print: Scarlet Citadel – Map Folio
    1. I have a problem with Scarlet Citadel MAPS. The quality of the material and coating is outstanding. Again, you give Great support. but being a PRINTING Company (at least partially) you should check your imposition.
    2. The Scarlet Citadel Maps for level 3… two of them are printed on the same page (Leaf) and when transitioning from one map to the other in a Running / Moving battle I had to **flip **and reset the minis on the map and then the player characters had to retreat into the known ground under pressure, which I had to **flip **the map again. You should not have printed these on the same piece of paper.
    3. Can you send me a second copy of that map? The map that covers rooms 310-331? Why? Because this is a quality flaw and a miss print. The way the adventure is written I need to be able to play across the seam with two separate maps, not flip the map to the other side and reset all my minis.

  2. stefano.quarta.email

    I just want to say that as a new DM that has learned to specialize in running Scarlet Citadel, I love this Map Folio!

    I agree with the review above, that minding the printing order will make future Map Folios better. And! Table tops don’t often get the ‘consequence experience’ of running into a trap with the overlays. This is a brilliant, brilliant product!

    It fleshes the world out exquisitely.

    This is by far my favorite campaign to run from the past 3 years of learning to DM.

    The maps are worth it especially when we turn off all the lights and light a few dozen tea candles in the room and set the actual theme of dungeon with shadows on the figurines for the gaming experience.

    I look forward to the other map folios you guys put out, Kobold Press!! Keep at it please.

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