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Real Scrolls 1: Fireball (PDF)


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With this Real Scroll from Kobold Press, you won’t just tell your players they’ve found a fireball scroll — you’ll hand it to them!

This beautifully hand-lettered reference has the feel of a real magical item, with all of the game information a player needs to use this classic spell in a Pathfinder Roleplaying Game adventure.

The entire text of the spell is provided in hand-lettered calligraphy — plus a little extra note from the scribe!

Review by Endzeitgeist

#1 is all about the iconic fireball, with massive Initials, wonderful ligatures and the text superimposed over the awesome rendition of a fireball, with the scroll itself having a somewhat scorched, parchment-like look and a caveat on the proper storage of these scrolls at the end – glorious 5 star + seal of approval material in my book.

Now If you enjoy artfully crafted calligraphy or have tried your hand with it yourself, if you’re an aesthete, then these will be worth the asking price indeed. If you’re just out there for the crunch, then you might want to skip these. Personally, I hope the series continues – for I’m convinced that RPGs ARE art and crossovers/crosspollinations of different types of artistry tend to result in favorites of mine. I know I’m looking forward to when I can hand out a scroll of fireball to my players and watch their astonished faces!

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