Paper Miniatures for Tales of the Old Margreve

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Eight monsters for use with the forest monsters of Tales of the Old Margreve, including a fully 3D, three-headed dragon, the Zmey! A full-color forest dragon and a horde of minions!

The set is in full color, and usable both for foes in the Tales anthology or forest adventures of any kind. Creatures include:

  • HUGE 3D Zmey Dragon, with complete assembly instructions
  • Ala hags, creatures of the whirlwind
  • Briar children, tiny but fierce in their dozens
  • Deer centaurs, somewhat smaller and more fey than the common breed
  • Headling dragons, a surprise for any player
  • Black Griffons and hatchlings, a speckled breed unique to Zobeck
  • Leshy, the Man of the Woods with mossy beard
  • Sap Demons, most dangerous in springThese creatures are featured in Tales of the Old Margreve adventures and ideal for any temperate forest. A bargain for the dragon alone, a steal with over 50 paper minis!

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