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Monstrous Crits (PDF)


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Monsters in Critical Condition

Sure, your monsters do extra damage on a critical hit, and that’s cool, but what if we made it one better?

Put your PCs in peril with this collection of specialized, monstrous critical hits for your D&D game. Compiled, updated, and expanded from the hit blog series, Monstrous Crits shows you how to add a touch of danger and the unexpected every time your dice come up natty venti!

This 16-page PDF product contains:

  • Ways to spice up encounters for jaded players!
  • Over 60 monstrous criticals for your 5E game!
  • Advice and pointers for designing your own monstrous crits!

Strike new fear into your players’ hearts with Monstrous Crits today!



Game System

D&D 5e


Game Masters



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