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Midgard Magic: Ley Lines for 5th Edition PDF


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By the Power of the Land!

Magic pervades all of Midgard, and ley lines are its wellspring. Those who know how to tap into these rivers of magical power find great reward—and of course risk. Brimming with this new potential, you are able to manipulate this magic like no other, boosting magical effects and powering new spells and items, even traveling the span of the world. There is no limit to what a little knowledge of ley lines can bring.

The 32 pages of Midgard Magic: Ley Lines bring the secrets of the ley lines into your 5E campaign, featuring:

  • A new ley line circle for druids and an archetype for rangers, harnessing the power of ley lines
  • Guidelines on incorporating and finding ley lines in your game
  • New uses for ley lines, such as critical effects and revised effects tables
  • Plus 12 spells and magic items, such as ley teleportation and line discharge, a new monster, and more!

Your skill at finding and harnessing the wild, mutable power of ley lines brings you control over the lifeblood of Midgard itself. The power of the land flows through you—channeling through your fingertips into marvelous effects. For you, magic is everywhere and dynamic, offering great power and a bit of the unpredictable. A fine trade for any daring adventurer!


To get more out of your Midgard Magic: Ley Lines experience, check out the Midgard Worldbook!

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  1. Christopher Jones

    This is an excellent update to the Deep Magic – Ley Lines book, as well as the core ley lines content in the Midgard world book. I really appreciate the under hood style discussion of the mechanics and permutations. There is some reprinted content, but it’s all been reworked to fit with the updates. There’s actually more new content than recycled. For a moderate-sized page count, these guys pack a lot of info and options into the book (smallish typefaces FTW?). I can’t recommend this book enough.

  2. cwcormier

    This compilation of the Ley Line articles that have been featured on the Kobold Press blog for the last couple of years is really quite excellent. The updates to those playtest mechanics have been great to see and the amount of information presented makes the Geomancer arcane tradition (and those new subclasses presented here) much more compelling to play.

    My one gripe is that the book is formatted to basically turn the articles that were presented on the blog into chapters rather than reorganizing everything to be a cohesive whole. This mainly applies to the PC options, which are scattered throughout the book rather than pulled together in one place.

    Great purchase overall.

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