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Midgard DMs Screen & Character Sheets for 5th Edition (Print)


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This durable, four-panel Game Master’s Screen features lavish art, a glorious map of Midgard, and a hoard of useful tables! Perfect to keep your game running smoothly—and it includes a character sheet as well, to get your game started right.

The landscape screen makes it easy for you to see the table of play, while keeping your own notes and die rolls hidden. More than 20 tables inside provide support for all levels of GM ability, as well as for combat, exploration, and travel.

Level up your game with the Midgard GM’s Screen for 5th Edition!

Photo Credit: Josh Ryan

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  1. Christian Rapp-Peltola

    While the character sheet isn’t as impressive as the other free pdf versions found here, the DM Screen is fantastic. Not much space is wasted on the interior on art and most of the tables are Midgard specific, such as Leyline effects, shadow corruption, Social Standing, etc. Conditions are present but in a much nicer, condensed form. The exterior has a nap of Midgard in the center framed by some art including Dragons and Giants. Cardstock matches the quality/thickness of the Official 5E DM Screen as well. Very highly recommended for Midgard DMs!

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