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Midgard Character Sheet (5th Edition)


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D&D 5e


Midgard Character Sheet for 5th Edition

Whether you are leveling up a character or launching a new Midgard campaign, this character sheet has you covered. All the 5th Edition options are included, as is a space to note Status, and the whole thing is a form-fillable PDF so you can fill it out keep a copy on digital devices, and there’s a more readable, printer-friendly version as well.

And of course, it includes the revised Midgard logo. Head for lands of high adventure!

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  1. Ian McKinnon

    It looks like a decent sheet. But hopefully the 5e Midgard will use status and have a space for it.
    I use a modified form from the pathfinder Campaign book for 5e with advantage/disadvantage for interactions.

  2. Head Kobold

    Status is included on page 2, right under XP.

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