Kobold Quarterly Year 2 (Bundle) (PDF)


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Four Issues For the Price of Three
The second year of KQ the magazine picked up serious steam!

In a single 4-issue bundle you get gems like the truth behind the Tieflings (by their creator!), Ecologies of the Centaur, Golem, Homunculus, and Phantom Fungus, and interviews with RA Salvatore, Sandy Peterson, and Monte Cook.

There’s also the Paladin’s Code, new monsters for the Pathfinder setting, creatures of Steam & Iron, the Arch-Devil Jezebel, and articles on medieval medicine, magical swords, dwarven airships and so much more. An entirely perfect set of new rules for creating and mastering undead that’s a must-have, and deadly traps, extradimensional monsters, and new ioun stones!

More than 250 pages of great Kobold gaming that’s small but fierce!



Game System

D&D 4e, Generic, Pathfinder


Game Masters, Players


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