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Kobold Quarterly Year 1 (Bundle) (PDF)


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The First Year of Kobold Quarterly Issues – For Less!
If you missed the first year of Kobold Quarterly, you can pick up all four outstanding PDFs for a lot less in this 4-issue bundle.

In one download you’ll get Ecologies of the Derro, Barghest, Cloaker, and Lich, plus major lords of Hell such as Titivillus, Belphegor, and Arbeyach the Lord of Locusts, and the Assassin core class.

And articles on tripping, power attacks, dragon blood, trapped doors, angels, cinematic combat, the gangs of Zobeck, fighter feats, new gnomes, and both mithral and undead dragons.

Not to mention great articles written by Ed Greenwood, Keith Baker, and Wolfgang Baur, and interviews with Paizo publisher Erik Mona and artist William O’Connor.

More than 200 pages of great game material: pick it up today!

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