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Items Wondrous Strange PDF (5th Edition)


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Magic Most Wondrous and Most Strange!

Magic items are the treasures that every adventurer longs to bring back from their journeys, and  delivers more than 50 mysterious, fully playable items that are sure to surprise even veteran and jaded players. Items Wondrous Strange brings the new and peculiar magic into your 5e campaign, featuring:

  • Items of dragon magic, void magic, and clockwork magic!
  • Weapons and armor unknown to the sages—plus a new artifact-level weapon!
  • From Death’s Mirror to the Bonebreaker Mace and the Rift Orb, these items will find a home in your campaign!

Gather up these treasures, ward them with traps, and let your players marvel at treasures undreamed-of!



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D&D 5e


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Spells and Items

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1 review for Items Wondrous Strange PDF (5th Edition)

  1. David Fornos

    No illustrations at all and I didn’t find the items that unique or interesting.

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