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Halls of the Mountain King Patronage (4th Edition D&D)


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Halls of the Mountain King is an untraditional dungeon, an homage to Moria and Undermountain that adds a few twists.

Plot and story have been worked out collaboratively in the private Open Design forum. The dwarves are a hard-working group, whose mining of adamantine lured them ever-deeper and whose pursuit of ore led them into dangerous territory. The vertical dungeon goes from the depths of the earth through the great halls and works of a vanished clan, up to a snowy mountaintop spire and an (optional) airship dock, as suggested by Kobold Quarterly‘s recent article on airships.

Maps: This dungeon include roughly both tactical maps and overviews/cutaways of the dungeon and includes a 3D/isometric map, like the ones in I6 Ravenloft. The adventure itself has about 50 encounters total.

Bonus Item(view cover): You also get a 56-page Iron Gazetteer (view cover) with new dwarven paragon paths, backgrounds, rituals, and clan lore and PC clan feats. Plus a section of hazards, dwarven tombs, adventure seeds, and a small horde of monsters appropriate to the setting.

Wolfgang Baur will be writing the Gazetteers, with direct contributions from senior and expert patrons.

Professional freelancers and senior patrons including Tim Connors, Joshua Stevens, Dan Voyce, Ben McFarland, and Michael Furlanetto will write the sections of the Halls adventure. Wolfgang Baur will be the developer for the adventure.

Levels of Patronage
If you want a Basic Membership, you can leave the Quantity in the ‘Add to Cart’ field equal to ‘1’. However, if you want a higher-level Membership, make sure to change the field to account for the increased price. For instance, an Expert Membership is $59.90 and would require a ‘Quantity’ of ‘2’.

Basic Membership: $29.95 basic membership for 4th Edition version, you get access to the design essays, design discussion, a copy of the PDF when it ships in September, and access to the print edition. (Quantity: 1)

Join Open Design today and help shape the first major project of 2009!

Want to know more about how patron projects work? Review the Open Design FAQ.

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