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Further North – Web Supplement for Northlands (Pathfinder RPG) (PDF)


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Berserker madness has overtaken designers Dan Voyce and Chris Harris! Here… Is. More.. Northlands!!

This 9-page PDF includes:

  • Ten dangerous guests at the feast
  • Adventures at the Thing
  • Reskinned Magic
  • New Artifacts
  • New Wondrous Items
  • Reskinned Monsters
  • and three new monsters, the Frostveil, the Lindwurm, and the Sea Wolf!

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  1. Megan Robertson

    Designed as a supplement to the Northlands sourcebook, this short PDF has a lot packed into its pages.

    The section headings can be a bit confusing until you realise that they refer to the chapters in Northlands. First up, to go with material in Chapter 1 of that tome are some delightful short thumbnail sketches of ‘guests at the feast’ – ten characters who will add colour to any gathering. Designed for role-playing, if you decide that you want stat blocks for any of them you will have to attend to that for yourself, although in most cases you are at least told what class they are. Next, should you run a Thing there are several adventure ideas: people who have come to place a particular issue before the Thing or who otherwise might attract attention.

    Next comes a section on magic, which references Chapter 4 of Northlands. There’s the concept of ‘reskinning’ magic, tweaking existing spells to fit in with the style and atmosphere of the North, with several examples to show you what is meant. There’s a new artefact and several wondrous items which all fit the legends of the North too… or just the environment. How about a pair of snowshoes that leaves no tracks?

    Finally, there is further material aimed at Chapter 6: Bestiary of the Northlands book. Again it looks at reskinning monsters, with a lengthy list of ideas, and presents some new beasties as well. Strange deadly creatures called frostveils and the sea wolf, a vicious and aquatic creature with the body of a shark, the neck of a snake, the face like a wolf and mouth of dragon’s fangs… or so it is said. Barbarians may take their rage powers from the Way of the Sea Wolf if they wish.

    Some nice material to add to your game if you are using Northlands and some may be of use if you have your own ‘lands of the frozen north’ setting, but it is closely bound up with the Northlands of Midgard.

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