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Frozen Empires Patronage (Pathfinder RPG)


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Take up your axe and raise the dragon’s head upon the longship’s prow!

The time has come to brave the frozen empires of the savage north. Here honor is more common than steel, trolls and giants battle the gods, and a hero lives by strength of arm and reckless courage.

Frozen Empires: Glories of the North is a 80-page sourcebook detailing the icy northern realms – their geography, culture and magic. It covers three locales and five very different adventure sites for adventurers to pillage or save:

  • Trollheim is ideal for low magic or pseudo-historical campaigns focusing on human opponents; feuding clans, wars and viking raids. These are the Ruins of Thorn.
  • Thule is a classic land of monsters, focusing on giants and environmental hazards caused by the elemental clash of fire and ice. These are the Frozen Empires of glacier-swallowed Issedon and the Sleeping kingdom of Amaroth.
  • Hyperborea is a tropical lost world at the northern pole, based on Greek myth. It’s most suited to high magic/high level adventures and includes the Lost Empire of Hyperborea and Geskleithron, the City of Ice. At patron request, Hyperborea could be written with Lovecraftian overtones, similar in tone to the Hyperborean cycle of Clark Ashton Smith.

This official Midgard setting adventure will be published by Open Design and is easily portable to any setting. It’s fjords and mountains will be mapped in the World of Zobeck.

The Frozen Empires sourcebook will be written by Dan Voyce with project patrons for the Pathfinder RPG.


As as patronage project, you will see the source materials designed, you can make suggestions to the designer, and you will be fully acknowledged in the credits.

This patronage include:

  • Access to private design discussion and review of playtest materials,
  • a PDF of the final playtest manuscript,
  • a PDF of the official 80-page print sourcebook, and
  • opportunity to contribute design ideas and elements!

You will have full patron review, discussion, and playtest access to Frozen Empires as the book is written.

For a Basic Membership, leave the Quantity in the ‘Add to Cart’ field equal to ‘1’.

Senior Patronage, Major Donors, and Sponsors

As a senior patron, you gain access to the senior patron discussion and review of materials. You will have complete access to the playtest draft, art, maps, and you will have first option to contribute items, monsters, spells, and more to the design. To join as a senior patron, set the Quantity field to ‘3’ during checkout.

As a major donor, you have access to all the other patron perks, and you will receive a signed, autographed copy of the final print book for Frozen Empires. To join as a major donor, set the Quantity field to ‘6’ during checkout.

As a sponsor, you have access to all the other patron perks, and you will receive a signed, autographed copy of the final print book for Frozen Empires and additional materials not available elsewhere, such as an artist’s sketchbook, mini-adventure, and other elements determined by agreement with the lead designer. To join as a sponsor, set the Quantity field to ’10’ during checkout.

Valhalla I am coming!

  • 2008 Diana Jones Award for Excellence in Gaming
  • 2009 Silver ENnie Award for Best Electronic Book

Want to know more about how patronage projects work? See the Open Design FAQ for details.

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